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How to create a new "Info Page" Forum Explanation:

FILE Locations:
/user.ini.php modified to add "Info" link
set - top [mainMenu], [content], [contact], [extras1], [extras2], [modalForms]
created info directory added following two new files
1: /actions/static/pages/info/info.ini new file
set - currentPage = "Info" and noExtras=TRUE
2: /actions/static/pages/info.content.php new file
function action_content() {HTML CONTENT}
BASEURL assets/css/vars.screen.css existing CSS file
CSS file contents
BASEURL assets/css/default/layout.screen.css existing CSS file
CSS @import "tla.css"; and CSS elements
/templates/default/common.template.php layout functions
Function template_header($data = []), function template_footer($data = [])